November 2018 Charger Students

nov charge
Martin Primary School would like to recognize our Charger Students (Student of the Month) from each classroom for the month of November 2018. Charger students exhibit good behavior and character and are a role model for other students. Pictured are Kindergarten Charger students; (front row) Miira DiSilvio from Brook Allen’s room, Jayla Powell from Lauren Campbell’s room, Drew Whitledge from Tiffany Frazier’s room, Max Shelton from Becky Jackson’s room, Eva Allen from Michelle Vincent’s room, Katie Allen from Jade Wilkins’s room, and not pictured is Haidyn Powers from Cody Ezell’s room. The first grade Charger students are; (middle row) Piper Croom from Rachel Fowler’s room, Kyler Mansfield from Miranda Jones’s room, Rylan Havener from Hope Powell’s room, Dezarai Turner from Brandy Spendlove’s room, Cohen Totten from Allison Stockton’s room, Billy Lynch Jr. from Elisabeth Tompkins’s room, Makayla Harris from Zann Wortham’s room, and Principal Tracey Bell; The second grade Charger students are; (back row) Selena Paschal from Kim Castleman’s room, Drake Bell from Rachel Cooper’s room, Juan Aguilar from Lori Grissom’s room, Meryl Norton from Heather Horner’s room, Olivia Howard from Ginger Liles’s room, Kashyap Chauhan from Nicki Moore’s room, and Cassidy Halverson from Angela Sams’s room.