First Six Weeks - Caring


Character Counts at Martin Primary School! During the first six weeks, the teachers and students at MPS have been working on the character pillar of being caring. The students pictured above were selected as the most caring students in their class. Caring students for the first six weeks are: (front row – Kindergarten students and Pre-K) Sarabeth Moeller from Brook Allen’s room, Angelina Tang from Lauren Campbell’s room, Noah Blakesley from Cody Ezell’s room, Zoey Hickey from Tiffany Frazier’s room, Nadaria Gordon from Becky Jackson’s room, Ja’Vaeh Anderson from Michelle Vincent’s room, Jaelen Easley from Jade Wilkins’s room, Je’vien Gonzalez from Taylor Zantop’s room, and Adrian Henderson from Missy Osteen’s room; (middle row – 1st grade) Kinzleigh Ramsey from Rachel Fowler’s room, Lianne Collier from Miranda Jones’s room, Mira Brasher from Hope Powell’s room, Cassy Allen from Brandy Spendlove’s room, Nathaniel Gannon from Allison Stockton’s room, Corbitt Hopper from Elisabeth Tompkins’s room, Bella Stepp from Zann Wortham’s room, and Principal Tracey Bell; (back row – 2nd grade) School Counselor Nancy Stutzman, JC Davidson from Kim Castleman’s room, John Baker from Rachel Cooper’s room, Mikey Richardson from Lori Grissom’s room, Peyton Dortch from Heather Horner’s room, Rosalie Alvarez from Ginger Liles’s room, Armani Clay from Angela Sams’s room, and not pictured is Gracie Laird from Nicki Moore’s room.