Second Six Weeks - Repsonsible

Character Counts at Martin Primary School! During the second six weeks, the teachers and students at MPS have been working on the character pillar of being responsible. The students pictured above were selected as the most responsible students in their class. Responsible students for the second six weeks are: (front row – Kindergarten students) Drake Bell from Brook Allen’s room, Dillon Bates from Debbie Barner’s room, Chris Este from Lauren Campbell’s room, Gracie Laird from Tiffany Frazier’s room, Colton Totty from Becky Jackson’s room, Zayden Hickey from Jean Thompson’s room, Corbin Pond from Michelle Vincent’s room, and Isabella Nadig from Jade Wilkins’s room; (middle row – 1st grade) Makenley Davidson from Jessica DeVries’s room, Olivia Bishop from Stacye Fisher’s room, Kaylynn Pearce from Rachel Fowler’s room, Damonti Dickerson from Lindsey Hussey’s room, Lilly Wilson from Abbie McClure’s room, Jack Fant from Allison Stockton’s room, Rainsley Alexander from Amy Tims’s room, Isabella Deerman from Elisabeth Tompkins’s room, and Evan Rotger from Zann Wortham’s room, (back row – 2nd grade and PreK) School Counselor Nancy Stutzman, Alex Belew from Rachel Bearden’s room, Cambry Hatler from Rachel Cooper’s room, Josie Allen from Beth Davidson’s room, Ethan Brewer from Ginger Liles’s room, Aleigha Chandler from Ginger Liles’s room, Libby Adkins from Nicki Moore’s room, Tae’Sean Williams from Angela Sams’s room, Jaylynn Kirby from Lacie Watson’s room, from PreK Cadi Barner from Missy Osteen’s room, Addi Perry from Recebba Taylor’s room, and Principal Tracey Bell.