Bus Rules


It is our mission at the Weakley County Schools Transportation Department to provide safe and reliable transportation for our students. The Transportation Department works very hard to maintain our school buses and to continue to provide the safest mode of transportation for the children in Weakley County. In order to ensure safe transport, we ask that our students follow a list of safety rules. These rules are in place to keep the children safe and allow our drivers to safely transport them. When these rules are broken or ignored, there will be consequences. In the event that a safety rule is either broken or ignored a driver will complete a behavior form and turn that in to the school administrator. The administrator of that school will then decide the best course of action to resolve the behavior issue. The rules that we ask our students to follow are listed below:

1. Observe classroom conduct.
2. Be courteous and do not use profane language.
3. Do not eat or drink on the bus.
4. Help keep the bus clean.
5. Do not use tobacco products.
6. Listen to the bus driver.
7. Do not damage the bus or any equipment on the bus.
8. Stay in your seat.
9. Keep head, hands, and feet inside the bus at all times.
10. Do not fight, push, or shove.
11. Do not tamper with emergency exits.
12. Do not bring pets on the bus.
13. Do not bring any flammable objects on the bus.
14. Do not bring weapons of any kind on the bus.
15. The bus driver has the authority to assign seats.

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