School Counseling Department

School Counselor: Logan Wallick

Mission Statement

The mission of the Martin Primary School Counseling Department is to provide a safe, caring and supportive educational environment that encourages all students to reach their fullest potential by educating them in the areas of academic development, social and emotional development and college and career readiness. The program emphasizes the mission statement of our school and our core values by daily encouraging and educating our students on good character traits including being respectful, being responsible and making good choices. The department works alongside with our administrators, fellow educators and stakeholders in the community to help prepare our students for their future as productive members of our society.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Martin Primary School Counseling Department is to provide each student with a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate counseling program that addresses the three core areas of academic development, social and emotional development and college and career readiness. The school counselor will act as a professional student advocate who will provide support to maximize all student potential and achievement. The school counselor will work collaboratively with parents, fellow educators and all stakeholders in the community to ensure that each student is receiving the best educational experience possible at our school. Counseling services are available to our students on an individual and small-group basis.


* All children are unique and special. Our counseling program encourages our students to be proud of who they are and to embrace our differences.

* It takes a village to raise a child. Our department strives daily to provide all students and their parents with multiple resources to assist in the development of an emotionally happy and healthy child.

* All children learn differently. The counselor will assist in the analysis of academic data on each student to help in the development of differentiated instruction.

* You can succeed! As students progress through our counseling program each year, they are provided with academic skills, test-taking and homework tips, and techniques to help assist them in their daily lives as students.

* Students learn best by doing. Students are given multiple opportunities during Guidance classes to role play different scenarios so as to foster a healthy emotional attitude towards themselves and others. To help instill social core values early on in life, we encourage our students to treat others the way they would like to be treated.

* You can be anything you want when you grow up! Our counseling department provides our students with multiple opportunities each year to explore new and exciting careers. Students are educated on the importance of good worker traits. Students see the connection between their current role as a student and their future career.

* All students deserve to be happy. Our counseling department strives to ensure that all of our students are emotionally well. The counselor is never too busy to sit down with a child and to listen and help.

* All students deserve to be safe. Our counseling department has a moral and ethical right and responsibility to report all suspected cases of abuse. The counselor will follow up on all suspected cases.

* Our counseling department believes that no child should have to worry about basic life necessities. The counselor will work to ensure that all children in our school are being adequately provided for both at school and at home. When necessary, the counselor will make referrals and suggestions to community resources.

* All children need to be loved. The counselor will create a safe educational environment of mutual love, respect, and trust between her and all of her students.


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